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A better thinker can be the best Problem Solver. We at MeandMath create the world’s Best Thinkers.

"Transforming Learners Into Thinkers and Best Problem Solvers."

The science behind our Class Structure

The science behind our Class Structure

How Our Virtual Classrooms Work!

A 360° Teaching + Learning Structure for your child

  • Unique tailored Learning Curriculum

  • Covering Academic Math with Competition Math

  • Doubt Clearing Session.

  • Weekly Tests

  • Unlimited Replays of Class Recording

  • Library Access (Practice)

  • Free Webinars for Various Skills Development

  • Free Certification Competitions*

  • 60 productive minutes in a Unique Structured Way

  • Bridge Course

  • Student's Feedback Post Class

Your benefits as a Parent

  • Regular Parent-Teacher Association

  • Free Parenting Webinars

  • Tutor Replacement Option

  • Regular Feedback

  • Most Affordable & budget Friendly Fee Structure

  • Best tutor for your child

Why MeandMath Classes are better for your Child's All-Round Development?

  • Regular Classes
  • Better Approach
    MeandMath Classes
Regular Classes
Better Approach
MeandMath Classes
Teaching StrategyEmphasise on Score and grade oriented approachSeeding Curiosity to know WHY or WHY NOT behind every concept to self discover every possible path that connects with answer
TargetCovering the courseMastering the conceptual learning
Student ApproachRepeatedly practicing the solution a multiple times to gain marksPrioritizing Self Attempting Approach
Easy AccessHassle of dropping and picking up your child. Relied on living near a good tutor, or else end up compromising.We at MeandMath bring your student quality education and guidance, at the comfort of your home.
Parental Monitoring and FeedbackNo scope of monitoring the tutor's teaching methods. No Feedback Mechanism.With MeandMath classes you can monitor the teacher's methods and your child's progress. Regular Post Class Feedbacks from students as well as parents.
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Why MeandMath Classes are better for your Child's All-Round Development?

The problem with Regular Classes

Regular classes emphasise on scores and a grade-oriented approach, with the main target of the teacher to cover the entire syllabus within a specific time. Students, in this case, tend to repeatedly practice the solution to improve grades. The chances of getting tutored by a good tutor rely on living near a good tutor. There’s also no scope of feedback.  

How MeandMath solves this problem

We at MeandMath believe in Swami Vivekananda’s ideology of “Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man.”. We emphasise on conceptual learning and self attempting approach. We believe in seeding curiosity within students to know WHY or WHY NOT behind every concept taught. We bring your child the best educators and exceptional guidance at the comfort of your home. With our regular Post Class Feedback and Tutor Replacement option, we are devoted to provide your child, quality education fitting their needs.E

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Discover the inspiring stories of our achievers and their journey with MeandMath!

Keep Up the Good Work, Kids!

Hey there, amazing learners! We’re so proud of you and all the progress you’re making. Keep shining bright! Let’s keep the momentum going. Your journey of learning and fun awaits! Ready to take the next step? Let’s do this together!

What our students say about us ?

I scored 1st International Rank in Math Olympiad(SOF) in class 3. My parents felt very proud when they saw my photo on School magazine. MeandMath not only helped me strengthen Core concepts but also helped me through time management, Rechecking process, Understanding mistakes & boosting my confidence by Believing Me and not scolding or punishing for mistakes but explaining the importance of mistakes that help us to grow.

Manit Singhal

Student | Grade 8

I went to the residential school where due to lack of practice time, I started making silly mistakes & in turn my confidence started dropping. Joining MeandMath not only helped me overcome my fear but instill the confidence that is immeasurable. I love MeandMath a lot. Thanks MeandMath! Thank you Vivek Sir.

Suhani Balyan

Student | Grade 11

Me and Math has taught me what nobody could: to learn some new concepts by myself everyday. When I was in 4th grade, I had a great fear of mathematics, and after much self-practice and the unique style of teaching of my teachers, I can now proudly say that math is my favorite subject. It has taught me so many things that it’s hard to list them down, but one that has made a big difference in my life and my way of thinking is the ways of solving different logical problems. Me and math has taught me to solve these logical problems by myself and since 7th grade I have improved a lot.

Keisha Kapoor

Student | Grade 10

I was good in math but during the pandemic, I stopped practicing and paying attention so my scores got down. I started watching videos and playing games during my online class but when I joined MeandMath, how 60 minutes fly I never discovered. I love the beginning of the session with warm up activity and the leaderboard at last. I concentrate fully during concept understanding because if I don’t, I will not be able to win the concept based game. I love MeandMath & Math. Thank you MeandMath.

Navika Tyagi

Student | Grade 5

Math lessons review Anzhelika GoncharukI am happy to have my daughter lessons with Meandmath. Our teacher is very professional, helpful and result oriented. We have a good progress and results.

Анжелика Гончарук


Great tutoringI can highly recommend Meandmath Education! Great tutoring, clear explanation. My son is very happy and says he understands everything very quickly as it is explained in a better way than at school. My son feels more confident and is looking forward for his lessons.Thank you!!

Oksana Blaeva


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