ME AND MATH Guidelines

Here you can download all the ME AND MATH guidelines.

Please Note: Exact knowledge of all guidelines is a prerequisite, to start as a tutor at ME AND MATH. Please download and read carefully.


Here’s how you can give your students, a seamless introduction to the ME AND MATH WebApp, in their first session after the demo session.


A checklist of all the responsibilities, requirements, work criterias, and things to remember before you join with us at ME AND MATH.


Here you will find a list of items you need to complete to get started at  ME AND MATH.

Demo Session

We offer our students free demo sessions before they join us but still, pay you. Here you can see what you have to consider, before taking the demo sessions, as this is your chance to acquire new clients.


Here you will find everything you need to know about communicating with the ME AND MATH team and students. WhatsApp and email are the two main forms of communication.


How do I enter my availability? How can I get new students? Is there any minimum time availability? Here are the answers.


Here you will find everything you need to know about your earnings, the bonus schemes, and payouts.

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